Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Butt Weld Saddle: Time and Effort Saver

Steel welding isn't a skill that can be learnt easily and butt welding is even more difficult in that regard. However, in many cylindrical steel pipes requiring several outlets, the use of butt welds is very important. The difficulty in making 90° horizontal or vertical connecting butt often means the need to put a long time and effort with the most commonly used welding equipments. It is here that a simple addition in the form butt weld saddle can help a lot of welders in many ways.
Understanding the butt weld saddle
In plain words a butt weld saddle is a saddle shaped metal joint that can be used to butt weld two pipes at around 90° angles. Usually, for joining two pipes in the 90° angle, a welder needs to manually cut multiple pipes at the right parabolic shape with the right tools in order to get the perfect joint or make multiple pipe cuts and weld it with T-joints. But with the use of the right dimensions, such joints can be made easily without the use of any kind of specialized equipments.
Saving effort and time
Unless a welder is highly experienced and has the most advanced welding and cutting equipment, making a 90° weld on a pipe could prove to be extremely time consuming and could also entail a lot of effort. However, with the use of this saddle, such welding can be done in a short duration and without putting much effort, if the right dimension is used.
Usable for a lot of functions
From everyday plumbing activities to metal fabrication, the convenience that can be obtained by the use of saddle is immense. The use of leaky T-joints can also easily be avoided by the use of the more reliable butt weld saddle. In fact, it's already used across a variety of industries, including the marine industry, construction industry, metallurgy workshops and water supply projects. With companies supplying it in a variety of sizes, this is already prominently used for welding and joining metal pipes.
Usable even by beginners
Unless someone has an access to an industrial grade plasma cutter, advanced welding machines and some specialist measuring equipments, welding pipes at 90° angles is never an easy task. More often, only the technician with several years of experience can dare to do something which is that complicated. But, with the use of saddle, even an amateur welding technician can easily make the right connections in a short matter of time. All in all, an enormous amount of workload is reduced and a high quality output can be obtained by the use of the butt weld saddle.
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