Saturday, March 18, 2017

FCAW Tips and Welding Techniques

If you want to learn on how to improve your FCAW welds then there are a few tips and welding techniques that can make your weld stronger and more uniform in appearance. The two most effective ways to improve your welds are:

Set your machine properly
Use the appropriate welding technique
Setting your welding machine properly is the big secret that professional welders have. It does not matter how many years of experience you have this one is just the most basic and effective. A properly set-up machine allows the welder to focus on their welding technique and avoid other troubles that should not have happened in the first place. When setting the machine the welder should be set on metal that is close to the same thickness that will be welded. This is very important because different metal thicknesses require different machine settings. Do yourself a favor before you weld by spending more time setting you machine properly and less time grinding.

Welding techniques vary with all welding processes. When it comes to FCAW the techniques used vary depending on the thickness of the metal and joint type. The most basic of welding techniques is forehand vs. backhand. As a general rule forehand welding should be done on metals 1/4 of an inch or thinner and are also best used for cap or single pass welds. Backhand welding techniques are only used on thicker metals and in most cases inside of a bevel. The main difference between forehand and back hand is the type of penetration the weld produces. Forehand produces a shallow wide penetration that makes the weld look smooth and flat. Backhand produces a deep narrow penetrating weld that is convex and narrow. As for the actual welding technique the three most commonly used patterns are a steady forward motion, tight weaves and circles. To decide what technique to use it just comes down to what works best for you. Some people do well with circles and others with weaves. It just a matter of preference! The real big tip on welding techniques is spending your time setting up the welding machine properly. FCAW is very easy to do as long as the machine is set-up properly. When you are welding your technique will change over time and even while you are welding on the same joint. Welding always comes down to comfort and it is always best to do what is comfortable for you.

My name is David Zielinski and I am a Certified Welder. If you would like more information about FCAW tips and welding techniques then visit my website All of the information is free and it is full of accurate, hard-to-find, real-life welding tutorials!

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