Thursday, April 6, 2017

Indian Clothing for Kids

Indian kids have a wide array of dressing options available to them including both Indian and western wear. Traditional Indian clothing for kids has always been in vogue. No matter how much the kids are influenced by the western fashion trends, almost all of them own at least a few pieces of traditional apparel in their wardrobe. The charm of the ethnic dresses never dies.

If anything, modern designers have again revived traditional clothing and have in many cases experimented with a fusion of both Indian and western styles. This Indo-Western style has gone down very well with everyone and has brought to the fore innumerable options in kids' wear.

Clothing for Boys

Some of the ethnic clothing items for boys in India include kurta pyjama, dhoti, sherwani, jodhpuri suits and so on. These clothing items are available in a host of colors, designs and price ranges. Each type of dress has its own charm, and beautifully brings forth the richness of the Indian tradition. The Kurtas are also worn with jeans sometimes, which give a smart look.

Clothing for Girls

When it comes to ethnic outfits for girls, the choices are aplenty. Some of the traditional Indian dresses for women include saris, lehenga, slawar kameez and ghagra chol among others. These are available in different sizes to suit children of different age groups. The traditional dresses come in different colors from elegant whites to rich and bright blues and maroons - you can have your pick. The dresses, featuring delicate embroidery, rich materials and exquisite beadwork reflect the remarkable artistry of the Indian craftsmen.

Some of the materials that are used to make traditional dresses for kids include satin, georgette, tissue, crepe and silk. These days there are several varieties available in kids clothing. Vibrant designs and color combinations are in the market that are sure to make your kid stand out. Most kids' clothes are easily washable and long-lasting considering the fact that they might spend considerable time outdoors. While buying, check that the clothes are a good fit for your child's body - neither very tight nor very loose.

With such a wide variety of styles available to choose from, buying clothes for children is a lot of fun. No matter what the occasion - whether it is a wedding or a fancy dress competition or a dance programme or just about anything - you are sure to find something in traditional Indian wear to suit the occasion.

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