Sunday, February 4, 2018

Choosing the Best Home Theater Projector

Getting a high quality and right home theater projector is jumping to the holy grail of home theater video displays. There is no device that can deliver that really big and impressive videos and images as a front projection system does. There is no doubts that you get the real cinema experience sitting at your own home.

You can easily see that the price of home theater projector has increased a lot today because of the increased demand. Not only does the price increase, but also the size has also shrunk. The good thing about minimized size is that the display quality is improved. With the decreased size display, you will be able to get high quality images and higher brightness to get good projection experience.

It is really confusing to choose the right size home theater for your application from numerous projectors on the market today. You can easily see that there are various units, and each unit has both pros and cons. Well, if you broadly classify the projector technologies in two categories, analog and digital. The analog projectors are powered by CRTs (a well-known technology that is around for years). On the other hand, the digital technologies come with single lens on the front. Further, you can classify digital technology in three parts such as LCD, DLP and LCOS. Each type of the digital projector has its own pros and cons, and it totally depends on your projection needs.

Of course, you have to, first, know your specific requirements before you make your projector buying decision. You also have to consider the size and environment of your room where you are going to install your home theater projector.  You have to know that it is a dedicated home theater or a multi-use room. You also have to know whether you have complete control over the light. And, finally you have to know your projector budget.

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