Tuesday, January 31, 2017

SolisTek 600W Digital Ballast

600 Watt Dimmable Ballast Features: Allows dimming from 600w, to 400w, to 360w. Includes Solis-Boost overdrive setting. Ignition ControlTM - Revolutionary safety measure. Whether you are powering up 10 units or 100 units of Solis-Tek Ballasts, the electric current draw is controlled by our internal software. Our software will ignite lamps at different times within 5 seconds in order to protect breakers from overloading (also ignites with soft start). This is especially important for automated systems to protect against inconsistency in lighting schedules. Connection Awareness - Solis-Tek units will not ignite without a complete and proper connection. The ballast conducts a 3 second test of the connection circuit. If the circuit is incomplete ignition will be prevented in order to protect the lamp -120v/240v compatible in 400 watt, 600 watt, and 1000 watt outputs. -High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide switchable -Electronic dimming functions -1000 watt settings: Solis-Boost - 1000 watt - 600 watt - 400 watt (4 step dimming) - 600 watt settings: Solis-Boost - 600 watt - 400 watt - 360 watt (4 step dimming) - 400 watt settings: Solis-Boost - 100% - 75% - 50% (4 step dimming) -2 meter power cord included -Soft start -Constant power, 99.9% efficiency Offering protection against: -output open -short circuit -ignition failure -thermal -end of lamp life -overflow current -over/low voltage -high/low temperatures. http://oydeals.com/solistek-600w-digital-ballast/

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