Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Digital Projector Reviews - Finding An Honest Review

A digital projector review is designed to provide potential buyers with the necessary information to make informed decisions when looking to purchase a new digital projector. With an ever increasing number of manufacturers and vendors jumping on the digital technologies bandwagon the projector market has grown from three or four brands to over twenty and this number is set to grow with the onset of HDTV.

While digital projector competition is good for consumers and can only serve to push prices down, the economic win is a double-edged sword. The rapid expansion in both the range of projector products and prices has created a buyers nightmare, even for the savviest shopper. Confusion reigns supreme, LCD or DLP, Lumens 500 or 5000, Aspect Ratio (4:3) or (16:9), Native or Natural Resolution or Maximum Resolution. The list of confusing, but supremely important features goes on and on and there are plenty of unscrupulous salesmen out there eager to pounce on your confusion. But don't worry there is help out there in the form of digital projector reviews.

There are three types of digital projector review, those written by the manufacturers, those written by technology magazines and those written by consumers. While the glossy marketing and flashy descriptions found in manufacturer brochures form a persuasive argument, the content is often marketing hype outlining only the projectors strengths. A manufacturer produced digital projector review is a great document to keep for comparing key features and costs, but I would not recommend you use it as your only decision-making tool.

Similarly, many reviews found in gloss magazines fall in to the same category as those of the manufacturers. A digital projector review found in a paid subscription is in many cases, a purchased advertisement placed by the manufacturer, or product promoter. In saying this I must point out that there are also several high quality subscription and online magazines that provide excellent independent product reviews. The problem for the consumer is trying to ascertain which digital projector review is a paid advertisement and which review is a true non-bias piece of writing.

For the most reliable reviews, consumers win hands down and here's why. The people are actually using the product. Unlike the manufacturer or the salesman the user has no hesitation in voicing concerns over product quality, performance, durability and ease of use. More importantly, many of these consumer digital projector reviews are found in forum sites and bogs, Often other people have added comments about their experiences with the product, both positive and negative, giving you an honest and complete overview of all the product..

If your considering purchasing a digital projector, I recommend the following strategy.

1. Use the manufacturer developed gloss brochures to do your product range and price homework

2. Make a shortlist of digital projectors that meet both your quality and price range requirements

3. Check out some blog reviews about the products you are considering.

4. Make an informed digital projector purchase.

Happy viewing.

For more helpful advice about choosing the right digital projector for your needs or for more information about digital projector lamps and accessories click here [].

Chris Hopkins is an event specialist with several years experience using digital projectors both in the commercial environment for seminars, conferences and concerts and in the home for personal viewing pleasure. Chris manages [], a website providing useful tips and information to help you choose the perfect digital projector.

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