Monday, June 5, 2017

Weight Gain Pills

I'm sure that in your search for information to gain weight you would have come across some of those ads for weight gain pills. You know the ones that promise to increase your appetite, decrease your metabolism, or somehow magically redirect your weight gain exactly to the places that you want it.

Excellent, so pop a couple of pills before each meal and you'll soon be exactly where you want to be - no need to train, and you can eat what ever you like. These websites usually have very convincing testimonials, but cite no research or studies. These products will not work as dramatically as suggested in the advertisements, however they can have a positive impact on your weigh gain goal.

If you stop and check the ingredients of the pills, you will find out that they are nearly identical to the average multi vitamin.

What the manufacturers have done is found a new market for their product in the weight gain industry, and just re branded their product as a weight gain supplement - at a heavy markup! The reason they work on some people is because small vitamin deficiencies can have a direct impact on your ability to gain lean muscle weight. If you have decided to employ an intense training program, then the additional stress to your body will create a greater need for nutrients, and a multi-vitamin should be the first thing considered.

Even though something is given the title of a weight gain product, it doesn't mean that it is going to help you to put on weight. Make sure that you do your research. You will definitely want to look into taking a multi-vitamin, as it will be a great value to you weight gain goals. However your diet and training plan are the most important ingredients.

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