Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Dukan Diet and the Appetite Suppressant Tip That Means You Don't Feel Hungry

The fast weight loss achieved by dieters following the Dukan diet has been attributed by some to lack of appetite. The high protein intake in the Dukan diet menu causes dieters to feel full much more quickly than when eating carbohydrates or fats. Not only do people on a high protein diet feel fuller quicker they naturally experience a loss of appetite. A protein rich diet means that you not only feel fuller quicker, the feeling of fullness lasts for longer. Accordingly, a small meal of mainly protein will feel more satisfying than a larger meal made up of carbohydrates or fat. And if your meals are smaller then your calorie intake will be less resulting in weight loss. Fat and carbohydrates are strictly limited on the Dunkan diet, while frequent 'eat as much as you like' protein meals are encouraged. Dieters are unlikely to overeat simply because the protein is so filling.

That fat and carbohydrates are appetite stimulants (they make your want to continue eating) is well known. People who like to take a drink before a meal will often accompany their drink with a high fat snack such as nuts. A handful of peanuts contains 15g of fat (that is 23% of your advised daily intake of fat) and contains 170 calories. Drunk with a beer (around 150 calories) or a vodka and tonic (around 100 calories) and you're having over 300 extra calories before you even sit down to eat. But had you snack on a whole packet of sliced chicken accompanied with a diet soda you would have eaten less than 120 calories and been too full to even eat dinner.

Your meal doesn't have to be restricted to a packet of sliced chicken while you're on the Dukan diet. You could enjoy smoked salmon and cottage cheese, or grilled steak with a peppercorn sauce accompanied with steam greens. The point is that protein, in whatever form you take it, reduces your appetite. People pay enormous sums of money for appetite suppressants in the form of pills that in most cases don't work. Four chicken slices washed down with a glass of water will keep you filled up at a fraction of the cost, and for less than 50 calories.

Start the change now. You can follow my progess on the Dukan diet from day one of the attack phase until the end. I have included all my recipes and menu ideas as well as top tips in getting the most out of your Dukan diet experience. If you're ready to lose weight fast without hunger click Dukan diet to begin your journey.

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